Program Implementation for PIU Training

The Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education, National Education Ministry through ADB Loan. No 2614-INO has developed 90 Model Vocational Schools and 230 Vocational Schools Alliances. The aim is intended to producing skill workers and widening the graduates’ opportunity for the international level of job market. In developing Model Vocational Schools, the Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education refers to 4 (four) core output and 9 (nine) quality objects of internationally standard education. These four core outputs refocuses vocational school management especially SMK SBI-Invest  by business approach, strengthened school-industry linkages, improved learning teaching quality, and enhanced entrepreneurship which are described in in the achievement indicators stated in School Business Plan (SBP). To ensure the achievement of the above objectives, Internal Monitoring and External Monitoring are developed.  Besides, to make the implementation process of monitoring, evaluation and survey well conducted, training is provided to PIU, PMU, City/Regency and Provincial Education Agency, and surveyor as well. This document is a report of program implementation for PIU training conducted from 23 to 25 October 2011.

A. General Objective of Training

This training aims to improve the competence of SMK SBI INVEST project organizer and implementor National Education Ministry in planning, implementing, performing and reporting monitoring and evaluation over varied implemented activity. The target of the training is to establish the competence of project organizer and implementor to implement monitoring and evaluation program.

B. Specific  Objective of Training

Specifically, this training aims to enable the participant to:

- Understand concept of monitoring & evaluation system within the planning and

implementation of program/project strategy;

- Understand framework in performing an effective monitoring & evaluation system;

- Design project action plan of monitoring and evaluation under the determined framework.

- Report the project monitoring and evaluation result.

The participants involved in this training implementation for PIU are PIU from 90 Vocational Schools consisting Principal, School Committee and Person in charge (PIC) of Project ADB Invest from every school numbering to 270 persons.