Education Management Information System Traning Implementation

DTVE Ministry of Education and Culture through ADB Loan No 2614-INO has developed 90 SMK Model and 230 SMK Alliances. It aims to facilitate the SMK Models to produce skillful graduates and widen opportunities of graduates in international market. In developing the SMK Model, DTV refered to 4 (four) focused outputs, namely to create entrepreneurship based school management, strengthening of school industry relationships, enhancement of teaching learning quality, and improvement of entrepeneurship. All those focused outputs were detailed down into performance indicators as accommodated in School Business Plan (SBP).
To ensure program achievement, DTVE selected team to develop Education Management Information System (EMIS). This application is a tool for schools and DTVE to obtain online data of each school. Through EMIS, schools may see data of profile, score, teachers etc. Before its implementation, the training on how to set up, install, entry data, manage etc should be socialized to all schools. The training was conducted in Jakarta on 23 – 25 July 2013 with 178 participants from 90 schools. (vice principal of curriculum and IT administrators). Background DTVE is striving to accomplish IT based application system to monitor school performace, students, teachers, and reporting statistic in DTVE office. Therefore, an integrated web based application system name EMIS (Education Management Information System) was developed. EMIS was developed as a tool for school operation starting from students data management, academic, facilities, teachers, facilities and reporting. Since this system is so complex, a deep comprehension on business process from reference data preparation (work tables), data master (students, teachers, curriculum), transaction data (academic journal) up to data reporting at school and DTVE level. Participants The participants of the training are vice principal on curriculum and computer administrator. Total participants are 180.