PT Tesa has undertaken diverse consultancy services projects at different layers of government institutions (Ministries at central government, departments at provincial/local government) funded by APBN/APBD and even by international donor agency (the World Bandk, the Asian Development Bank). List of Clients and Our Projects Experience of PT Tesa can be shown in list and table below :
International Agencies : The Asian Development Bank, the World Bank.

Central Agencies Of Government Indonesia (Goi) : Ministry of Public Work, Ministry of Cooperative and SME, Ministry of Sea and Fisheries, Communication Training Bureau, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Social, Deputy of Financing, State Ministry of Cooperative and SME, Directorate General of Electricity and Energy Use-Ministry of ESDM, Ministry of State Own Company, Graduate School of Indonesia Aviation – Curug Tangerang, Industrial Department General Directorate of Chemical and Argo Industry, Training Agency of Transportation Department, BPPT Engineering, Badan Koordinasi Keamanan Laut.

Provincial Government Of Indonesia : Local Government of West Java, Agriculture Department Jawa Barat, Agriculture Department Jawa Barat, Maritime and Fishery Department Riau Province, West Java Research and Development Bureau, Maritime and Fishery Department NAD.

Local Government Of Indonesia : Local Government of Bandung City, Electronic data Handling Office Kota Bekasi, Andal Office Cianjur District, Local Government of Bandung City.

Another Agencies : PT (Persero) PLN P3B Region Jawa Barat, PT PLN Generator and Network Main Project Kalbar, Aceh Nias Reconstruction and Rehabilitaion Bureau (BRR).

Fields of Expertise

1. Strategic Management

☑   Strategic Business Analyses
☑   Reorganization and Restructuring

2. Human Resources Development

☑  Career Planning
☑  Training of Human Resources
☑  Merit System Development

3. Feasibility Studies

☑  Industrial Feasibility Studies
☑  Public Infrastructure Feasibility Studies
☑  Agro-industrial Feasibility Studies

4. Information System

☑  Marketing Information System
☑  Customer Service Information System
☑  Logistic Information System
☑  Production Information System
☑  Regional Finance Information System
☑  Personnel Information System
☑  Assett Management Information System
☑  One Stop Service Management Information System

1. Development of Small and Medium Enterprises

☑  Business Potentials Studies
☑  Business Assistance
☑  Boosting Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises
☑  Enhancing Capacity of Cooperatives
☑  Applications of Appropriate Technologies
☑  Micro Finance Development

2. Agribusiness Development

☑  Business Assistance
☑  Marketing Development
☑  Technology Application
☑  Boosting Capacity of Farmers Groups

3. Capacity Building

☑  Technical assistant
☑  Training
☑  System and Procedures Development

1. Local Governments and Regional

☑  Development
☑  Strategic Planning for Local Area Development
☑  Local Area Economic Potentials Studies
☑  Reinventing Government for Local Area Governments
☑  Development of Local Institutions
☑  Capacity Assessment and Development
☑  Spatial Planning and Design
☑  Identification and Promotion of Local Area Sources of Revenues

2. Management of Human Resources

☑  Natural Resource Potentials Studies
☑  Management of Mineral Resources
☑  Management of Marine Resources
☑  Management of Zones
☑  Management of Forest Resources
☑  Designing AMDAL Studies

1. Survey and Mapping

☑  Hydrological and Topographical Surveys
☑  Positioning Using GPS
☑  Geographical Information System
☑  Soil and Geological Surveys
☑  Setting Out and Supervision

2. Site and Area Planning

☑  Master Plan Design
☑  Land Use/Site Plan Planning
☑  Grading, Roads, and Drainage Planning
☑  Clean Water and Electricity Network Planning

3. Energy and Hydrology Planning

☑  Irrigation System Planning
☑  Water Resources Management Planning
☑  Flood Control Planning
☑  Electricity Generation and Transmission Planning

4. Transportation Planning

☑  Technical Plans for Roads and Bridges
☑  Rail Road Planning
☑  Traffic Planning

5. Architectural Planning

☑  Building and House Design
☑  Interior Design
☑  Landscape Design