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PT Tesaputra Adiguna was incorporated in Indonesia on 28 April 1995. It started its business in Information and Technology. In response to great demands of consultancy services after year 1996, the businesses cover a wide area of expertise including education, management consultancy services, technology and informatics, telematics, finance, survey services, transportation, tourism, industry and trading, mining and energy, development of agriculture and urban, also study, research and technical assistance services.However in the last five years, Tesaputra focuses more on participatory qualitative research, technical assistance to central and local government, capacity development to central and local government, technical assistance for community development, complaint handling, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and management, human resource management, institutional development, environmental management, emission reduction, technology audit, and technology and informatics. The company is managed by a female President Director, Yuyu Komariyah MA, PhD, who has excellent competencies in public management including institutional development, qualitative research, M&E, capacity building and technical assistance support to local government and community, and project management. Tesaputra also has a group of qualified key staff and experts. There are around six experts with PhD qualifications, around thirty key staff & experts with Masters qualifications, and the rest are with undergraduate qualification. Those are have education background and experience vary from capacity development, community development, research, macro and micro economi, education, human resources management, engineering, architecture and design, civil, agriculture and poultry, socio economic, environment, geodesy and surveyor, legal (law), regional development, and social and public communication.

Tesaputra has been undertaking diverse consultancy projects throughout Indonesia. Prominent works undertaken within the last five years are covering study and research, monitoring & evaluation, institutional development, capacity building for decentralisation, management information system to support good governance and planned maintenance system, technology audit, strategic planning, local government and community capacity building, emission reduction and environmental management towards green life. PT. Tesaputra Adiguna has extensive and diverse experience of providing consultancy services funded by APBN, APBD, ADB or the World Bank Loan. Some of our works are research for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Bureau (BRR) of Aceh-Nias, and multi years projects of Sustainable Capacity Building for Decentralisation (SCBD) in Kota Bau Bau and Kabupaten Buton.



"To be an idealism professional based consultant that is trustable nationally, regionally and internationally"


• To support the development programs at local or national level through application of science and technology in providing consultancy services
• To promote strategic cooperation with various public, private or independent institution's stakeholders
• To implement the principle of meeting and exceeding stakeholder's needs with the support of experienced and professional experts in their respective fields


The establishment of PT. TESA was attested in front of and duly signed by Wiratni, SH, notary public, on April 28th 1995 deed Number 146, later on amended with an Amendment deed Number 5 dated July 2nd 1999 and Number 2 dated October 1st 2001. With an Amendment deed Number Ny. Hj. Imas Tarwiah Soedrajat, SH, MH, with the deed Number 49 dated March 30, 2005 and the deed Number 40 dated August `18, 2008. The latest organization structure was attested and duly signed by Ny. Hj. Imas Tarwiah Soedrajat, SH, MH, with the deed Number 2 dated October 4, 2010.